Car and Trailer Security


Most vehicle crime is preventable.


  • Don’t leave valuables on show – not even a coat or an empty carrier bag.
  • Park somewhere open and lock up. Use your garage if you have one or a car park.
  • Keep car keys away from your front door and out of sight in the home.
  • Remember to close the windows and the sunroof when you leave your car.
  • Try not to store things in the boot, particularly overnight; take them with you if possible.
  • Store car ownership information in your home, not your car.
  • When you leave the car, especially overnight, take removable stereos, radios and SatNav equipment with you.


  • Store trailer in a locked garage if possible.
  • If the trailer is stored at home or a business, put it in the back or side yard out of sight.
  • Store it with the trailer tongue not easily accessible.
  • If storing in an open driveway or yard, park another vehicle or other large object in front of the trailer.
  • Consider removing one trailer wheel.
  • Secure the trailer to an anchored object with a good quality chain and lock.
  • Purchase a good quality trailer hitch lock or wheel lock and use it – even if stored inside.
  • Photograph your trailer, including identifying features and store your photos for future reference.
  • Install a vehicle tracker. Trackers are small, quick and easy to install. Tracking units can deter thieves if advertised.
  • Add one or two easily identifiable markings in different places on your trailer such as:
    • welding your initials under the draw bar.
    • engraving your name somewhere.
    • drill holes in a pattern recognisable by you.
    • engraving your trailer with the letter ‘Q’ for ‘Queensland’ and your driver’s licence number.

Number plates are often stolen for criminal use. Use Secure Plates or plates secured with anti-theft screws available from car accessory stores.