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NHW Signs

New Neighbourhood Watch signs have been approved for the Ferny Grove area. Shortly you will see signs, similar to the one below, being erected on the entry points to the Ferny Grove NHW10 area.

NHW signs are a deterrent to criminals, once they are aware of an active Neighbourhood Watch is the area, they are less likely to come into our neighbourhood and commit crimes.

NHW Sign

QP150 Police Expo – 22 & 23 August 2014

Celebrating 150 years of Queensland policing , the Expo will highlight the diverse nature of policing activities and environments across Queensland. This is a must-see event for anybody with any interest in becoming a police officer, or just wanting to see what the Police do.
9am to 7pm – Friday 22 August
9am to 4pm – Saturday 23 August
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre.
Entry by gold coin donation – entry for schools free.

Some of the police units which will be at the Expo include: Explosive Ordinance Response Team ; Fingerprint Bureau ; Forensic Crash Unit ; Fraud and Corporate Crime Group ; Mounted Police ; Photographic Section ; Police Dogs ; Police Link ; Police Recruiting ; PCYC’s ; Qld Police Museum ; Railway Squad ; Road Policing ; Scientific Section; Stock Squad; Water Police and more!

An introduction to NHW.

To the new volunteers and those contemplating helping out this year we would like to explain some of the terms used by Neighbourhood Watch (NHW )and how we operate.

A “Block Co-ordinator” is someone who keeps an eye out in their local area of perhaps their street or a couple of adjacent streets, and is a local contact if people have concerns or suggestions regarding community safety. The “Blockie” also delivers the NHW newsletter in that small local area.

A “Zone Co-ordinator” looks after several “Blockies” by passing on the required newsletters for distribution in their blocks, they may be a Blockie themselves.

The “Area Co-ordinator” looks after the whole area which in our case, takes in most of the original development radiating from the railway station. The Area Co-ordinator chairs the bi-monthly meetings and is a key contact person for the local crime prevention Police Officers in the NHW area.

Our NHW group is called Ferny Grove 10. Block Co-ordinators, Zone Co-ordinators and the Area Co-ordinator form a network which is designed to act as a representative group when it comes to exchanging information on any suspicious activity or safety issues while at the same time seeking to enhance the community spirit and cohesion which is so vital to our community.

Bi-monthly meetings for our group are held at the Grove Sports club on the 3rd Wednesday of every second month commencing in March. In the Brisbane North-West suburbs, there are a number of Neighbourhood Watch Groups operating e.g. Arana Hills, Keperra (Kings Park), South Mitchelton, North Mitchelton, The Gap, Dorrington, and representatives from these groups usually attend bi-monthly meetings at the Ferny Grove Police Station. Neighbourhood Watch groups provide a useful link between our local police and the community for the two way flow of information on matters of local interest.