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Some Home Security tips from Police

Effective external security measures will reduce the opportunity for crime. Security, however, should be adapted to suit your needs. Consider the following external security options as ways to make your home safer:

Install an intruder alarm (which complies with Australian Standards 2201).
Install exterior lighting. This acts as a deterrent and allows police, security officers and members of the public to clearly observe any unusual activities.
Install solid wooden or metal doors preferably security doors with double cylinder deadlocks.
Protect exposed hinges to prevent hinge pin removal.
Ensure all trees and shrubs are trimmed so that the view of your premises is not obscured.
Ensure wheelie bins are locked away or changed to posts away from windows.
Lock away items which can be used to assist in an offence ie ladders and tools.


Turn the Screws on Crime

Come and turn the screws on crime and have your one way number plate screws fitted by Queensland Police.
Using one way screws to secure your number plates can prevent your number plates from being stolen.

On Tuesday 16 August 2016 from 9:00 AM to noon come to:

The Greater Western Shopping Centre, Keperra (Near the Caltex).

Lock It or Lose It

Police want to remind vehicle owners to hide their car keys after there has been an increase of vehicles stolen after thieves gain entry to houses and easily locate car keys.

Lock your homes, windows, sheds, garages, cars – anything and everything to make it harder for criminals to take your property away from you!

Ensure that your garage remotes are not in plain view inside your cars and put car keys away in draws and not on key hooks.

Mobile Device Security

The features that make your phone ‘smart’ also make it susceptible to viruses and malicious software. If your phone isn’t secure and it is lost or stolen, your personal information, including passwords, banking details, emails and photos could be used to access your money or to steal your identity.

Each year in Australia more than 100,000 mobile phones are reported lost or stolen. This equates to 2000 each week or one mobile phone handset every six minutes.

How do you trace your mobile phone?  The SIM card, and hence telephone number, is easily changed, what cannot be easily changed is the International Mobile Equipment Identifier (IMEI) number, which is unique to your device.

Do you know your IMIE number?  Press *#06# to find it out and note it down, in case your phone is lost or stolen.

Many mobile phone manufactures have ‘Find My Phone’ software which can be installed an activated on your phone.

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