Crime Update – 21 March to 23 March 2016

No incidents were reported in the Ferny Grove area.

Some hints to help prevent vehicle theft.

Help Reduce the risk of Vehicle Theft or Theft of your valuable property from your car
1. ALWAYS LOCK doors and windows when your car is unattended.
2. Even at HOME in your driveway or garage LOCK doors and windows of your car.
3. REMOVE all valuables from vehicle.
4. If you must leave valuables in your vehicle, keep them OUT OF SIGHT.
5. DON’T LEAVE personal documents in your vehicle as you risk your identity being stolen.
6. PARK your vehicle where it can be observed easily by yourself or others.
7. If parking your vehicle on the street at night, select a WELL-LIT AREA.
8. SECURE YOUR KEY and ensure they are not left where a thief may access them.
9. Check your REGISTRATION PLATES upon returning or before going out in your vehicle.