Crime Update – 3 May to 8 May 2016

One incident was reported:

Break and enter, Glenariff St – car keys and car stolen. The car was not recovered.

Police have provided the following advice:

The Key to a Safer Home

Who leaves their keys on display?????
In the unfortunate event of a break in, don’t make it easy for the thieves to find your car keys and then take your car. Store you keys in a draw or cupboard, somewhere out of sight.
You can even put your car keys beside your bed at night. Some car keys these days are fitted with a panic button. Securing your keys beside your bed at night gives you an instant personal alarm if you wake to the noises of an intruder.
By pressing this alarm your car horn will continue to sound until you either turn it off or the car battery dies. This method is likely to scare off potential offenders and alert neighbours. Test it. Press the button from your bedroom to test the range of your remote. Tell your neighbours, it could even be a great way to alert neighbours if you are in need of urgent medical assistance.
This idea is also an alternative to leaving your car keys on the kitchen bench, the first place a car thief looks.