Home Security


There are a few simple measures you can take to help protect you against burglary and theft. A lot of intruders act on opportunity so installing a minimum level of security can make all the difference to help prevent an intruder coming into your home. Neighbour Watch can only go so far in preventing crime.

  • Never leave keys hidden outside; install a key safe or leave a spare set of keys with friends or family.
  • Arrange for ‘Mail on hold’ with Australia Post or have a friend or neighbour collect mail and any other papers etc.
  • Always lock all windows and doors when you go out.
  • If you go out at night leave some internal lights and a radio on. A timer power point can work great for this especially if you go on holiday.
  • If you are in the garden or watching TV, lock up parts of the house you can’t easily keep an eye on.
  • Ensure your front entrance is visible – i.e. prune shrubs and trees.
  • Install sensor lights and have an alarm system where a friend, family member or neighbour is aware of the alarm code.
  • When absent from home have a friend, family or neighbour park their car in your driveway.
  • Keep gardens tidy and lawns mown when away.
  • Give a trusted friend, family member or neighbour your contact number when away.
  • When absent from home for long periods consider installing a night light set on a timer – from say 6-11pm.

There are many simple and low cost (if not free) security measures home owners can  take to increase the security of their home.

They can be found on the QPS website at QPS Home Security Tips or Home Security Audit.

If you require further advice after reading the brochures please contact the Crime Prevention Office on 3364 3426

These are but a few reminders to help maintain security for your home and always lock up your house and cars when away and not in use. Where possible park vehicles in your garage.