Neighbourhood Watch

NHW Ferny Grove 10

Crime prevention is everybody’s business!

Goals of the Neighbourhood Watch Program
The Neighbourhood Watch program recognises that citizens have the right to a safe neighbourhood. Neighbourhood Watch is a program intended to increase safety in neighbourhoods by involving individuals and families in a united crime prevention effort.

With committed citizens and the assistance of Police, the Neighbourhood Watch program will help promote a united and safe community and help empower the citizens against the defencelessness of a crime. Leave the responsibility for apprehending criminals where it belongs – with the Police Service.

Benefits of the Neighbourhood Watch Program

Allows neighbours to get to know each other by working together to identify then solve problems in your area.
Has direct support from Queensland Police Department, which maintains and improves relations among the citizens and Police Service.
Increases community pride and improves the quality of life in neighbourhoods across Ferny Grove.
Gets neighbours to work together to reach and maintain a healthy living environment for all citizens.
Deters crime by training neighbourhoods in proven, effective, do-it-yourself crime prevention that makes our community a friendlier and safer place to live and raise a family.