Personal Safety


Practical tips on how to reduce the risks you face of becoming a victim of personal theft.  Being alert, being aware of your environment and following the tips will enhance your safety and enjoyment when out in the community.

Out and About

  • Walk with confidence displaying positive body language.
  • Secure your handbag close to your body and carrying it so that it faces away from passing traffic.  This will prevent any cyclist or occupants of any vehicle from being able to snatch your handbag.
  • If you wrap a handbag strap around your arm or over your shoulder, you could be injured if the handbag is forcibly snatched.
  • Avoid walking in isolated or unlit areas.  Thieves favour locations where they can hide and are unlikely to be seen by others.
  • Be observant and aware of people who may appear suspicious.  Change your route or call for assistance if necessary.
  • Always keep your bag close.  Be wary of any person who may try to distract you.  Do not leave your bag unattended in a trolley.
  • If a bag is stolen, a thief could obtain an address and keys to your home.  Any personal information in the handbag could be used for identity theft.  If you can, keep your Eftpos cards, credit cards and keys separate from your handbag.

Thank you to the Community Safety Branch of the Western Australia Police for this article.